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Copia wealth management

Copia wealth management have been declared in the default by the Financial Services Compensation scheme. As such clients are now receiving compensation where they have received unfair advice in relation to their pensions and investments.

HT Finance claims offer a no win no fee service in helping current clients or former clients of Copia wealth management who have received financial advice from Copia wealth management.

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More information

We will carry out an initial valuation as soon as we have the information we need back from your providers so you can start to plan accordingly.

The actual compensation will only be established once you agree to a settlement.

Once you have agreed to a settlement your compensation payment will be paid directly to our client account.

We will then pass the compensation to you minus our fee.

There are two types of claims with different limits

FSCS – Financial Services Compensation Scheme

FSCS exists for taking action against regulated firms who are no longer trading.

The FSCS have a limit of £85,000 per firm you take action against.

In the case of Pension transfers there can often be 2 or 3 regulated firms making for multiple claims.

FOS – Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman is a mediator for claims against regulated firms who are still trading with whom we have been unable to reach a satisfactory settlement.

The current limit on claims through FOS is £350,000 however often multiple claims against a firm can result in the firm going into liquidation in which case we would have to then pursue the claim with the FSCS.

Again there are often multiple regulated firms against whom we may choose to take action in order to maximise your compensation.

HT Legal work on a no win no fee basis (contingent fee agreement) this means that we will only charge you a fee if our your claim is successful and the fees will be deducted directly from your compensation. Our fee is 25% of the total claims plus VAT which is 15% lower than our nearest competitor.

More about our process

Step 1 – Assessment

Arrange a free consultation to assess whether you may be eligible for compensation

Step 2 – Engagement 

Appoint HT Legal as your representative so that we can investigate further

Step 3 – Discovery 

HT Legal’s team of experts (a number of whom are former financial advisers) will write off to all the parties involved in the transaction and build your case for compensation. This includes a detailed assessment of what your financial position would have been had you not engaged with Copia Wealth Management in order to ensure you receive the full level of compensation you deserve.

Step 4 – Submission

Our team will provide you with a full breakdown of the claim we are bringing forwards to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for your approval and the submit to the FSCS on your behalf.

Step 5 – Compensation & Payment

Once your claim has been accepted the FSCS will make your compensation payment which is a maximum of £85,000. 

FSCS will pay the compensation into our client account. 

HT Legal charge a fee of 25% plus VAT (which is 15% less than some of our competitors) which will be deducted at source with the remainder transferred directly to you.

As your appointed solicitor once we have satisfied your initial claim if there is still compensation or redress due we will automatically engage in pursuing any to the regulated parties who were involved in the Copia Wealth Management eg. Your new SIPP provider or Discretionary Fund Manager.

Pension Refunds is a trading style of HT Legal Ltd. HT Legal Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Registered number; 06911903, Registered office; Clarendon Chambers, 5a Market Place, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 2LX. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; SRA ID 535317. ICO registration number; Z2387380. You do not need to use a Solicitors or Claims Management Company to make your complaint to your lender or other Compensation Scheme, such as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), and if your complaint is not successful, you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) yourself, for free.

*The signup and setup of your claim is fully online and will be actioned based on the information you have provided. HT Legal Ltd cannot accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damages due to the provision of inaccurate information. During the course of your claim, we may need to contact you via telephone, email, SMS or any other electronic means.

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